Pep Guardiola reveals ‘Bernardo’ injured for several weeks

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola reveals Bernardo Silva will be out for several weeks. Ready to accept that the team is facing problems with injured players.

“The Blues” begin their defense. Champions League home win over Chervena Zvezda 3-1 with just six outfield players on the bench. The match

at the Etihad continued almost to the end of the first half. Lwa had to be substituted because of an injury, which Guardiola revealed after the game that he would have to rest. The

29-year-old Portugal playmaker joins the injured list, joining Kevin De Bruyne, Matteo Kovacic, Jack Grealish and John Stones. ” We

are facing a problem. But I wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, we’ve got a lot of injuries’,” Guardiola said after the game. “

We’ve got five very important players injured and it’s important to maintain this condition for a long time. difficult” ufabet

“But injuries are what happens. And we will move forward with the players we have. As long as we have the attitude to do that. Everything will work out.”

“We can’t buy 55 players. It would make the club upset and bankrupt.” “

De Bruyne has to rest for a long time, as does Stones, but Grealish may return. in 7-10 days and Kovacic is coming back as well.”