Liverpool ‘s Ranking After the End of the Season

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The 20 Premier League clubs have been calculated based on their results. Before the World Cup break. As a result, Liverpool have failed to make it into the top four this season, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The Reds just beat Southampton 3-1 at home in the last game, making them 6th in the table, one point away from Tottenham Hotspur in 4th place. The right to play in the UEFA Champions League is 7 points, but Jurgen Klopp’s team plays 1 game less.

However, with no Premier League program for a month. Legitimate betting company Betting Expert has used supercomputers to calculate the likelihood of an outcome this season. Which the result seems to have caused Liverpool to face disappointment.

According to the calculation results, After the end of the 2022-2023 season, the Reds can only finish at 6th place in the table. With an average of 65.6 points from 38 games played, less than Manchester United who finished fifth with 67.5 points.

The top four consisted of Arsenal. Who were expected to win the Premier League title, with Manchester City second, followed by Newcastle in third and Tottenham. Nam Hotspur are the last team to qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season.

In addition, in terms of the likelihood of going to the European Cup, when calculating from past results, it shows that Liverpool have only a 36.2 per cent chance and a 79.2 per cent chance of finishing in the top six. only