Former Ajax player urges Anthony to stop showing too much in order 

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Former Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur playmaker Rafael van der Vaart has advised youngster Manchester United winger Anthony. Top Premier League clubs are urged to stop showing off and instead work on proving themselves with the team. According to a report from the  UFABET News.

The Brazilian arrived from the Dutch club following in the footsteps of Erik ten Hag for a whopping £90m. And scored straight away in his first three games but was unable to add and has no assists after that. cyst even once He was also heavily criticized for focusing on his style on the field rather than working with the team.

Van der Vaart believes Anthony is a talented and exciting player, but he warns he must prove himself just like his friend Marcus Rashford. Joining the team is doing at this time.

“You know what Anthony is like, he’s certainly a talented player and a great player. But he shouldn’t believe in himself too much. He’s just a good player but he hasn’t proven anything yet.

“I love watching him perform. But it also had to be the time to want to see it. Of course you need something like that. He played well in Champions League And did well enough 2-3 times with the Brazilian national team and He has made big steps but hasn’t achieved anything at Manchester United yet.

“He shouldn’t think that ‘I did it and I’m going to show it to the world’ No, he has to decide the game like Marcus Rashford is doing now. Then you can show off anything crazy. But there must be humility. try hard And score a goal or pass the ball to a friend, “Van der Vaart said.