Chelsea is willing to negotiate a way to release Lukaku from the team.

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Calciomercato, a famous Italian media outlet reports that. Chelsea are ready to negotiate with Roma to find a solution for releasing Romelu Lukaku to join the football team permanently.

    The 30-year-old player joins the “Wolves” on loan this season. After last season playing with Inter Milan. But in the end the “Big Snake” team decided not to buy out the team UFABET 

    The Belgian international has been a key figure for the Rome side. Scoring 18 goals in 35 games this season. It has been speculated that Roma is willing to buy to join the team after the end of this season.

    According to reports from the Italian outlet, Roma has an option to buy Lukaku for £37 million. But that is still considered too high a price for the Serie A team to afford.

    However, the media said that the “Sing Blues” are willing to negotiate a solution to release Lukaku from the team. It is expected that they are ready to accept offers lower than 30 million pounds as well.

    Lukaku will also have to accept a pay cut as he is currently at Chelsea on £300,000 a week. And by coming to play at Roma, he agreed to reduce his salary by 37.5 percent. Which may have to be reduced even more if he signs a permanent contract.