How to protect yourself from athlete’s foot

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How to protect yourself from athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a condition in which the skin on the feet is peeling, red, stinging and itchy due to having to walk in water often, causing the skin on the feet to easily become sore. and may become infected with fungi or bacteria.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot

Causes of irritation:

  • Itchy, burning, red, peeling skin, usually in ufabet the areas between the fingers, between the cuticles and the nails, or the entire foot.

Cause of infection:

  • If there is a fungal infection The skin will have an itchy rash, peeling in circles, clear blisters, and feet will have an odor.
  • If there is a bacterial infection, there will be pain, swelling, redness, heat, tenderness, or if the foot has an odor or if it is severe and severe. There may be pain, swelling of the leg and groin on the same side or a fever.

How to protect yourself from athlete’s foot

  • Avoid frequent contact with water if you will be soaking in water for a long time or walking in water. You should wear waterproof shoes.
  • Quickly dry your feet every time they get wet. Especially between the toes And avoid wearing shoes that are difficult to breathe. continuously for a long time
  • Always keep your feet clean. By washing your feet and using soap. And apply moisturizing cream every time. Nails should cut short.
  • In case of excessive sweating on the soles of the feet You may use a little powder or antiperspirant ointment. To help absorb excess sweat
  • If a wound occurs You should avoid contact of the wound with standing water and treat it quickly.
  • Consult a doctor if you have abnormal skin symptoms on your feet.