Harmful effects of cigarettes. That you may have received without realizing it

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Harmful effects of cigarettes That you may have received without realizing it.

The dangers of cigarettes are well known. It causes many diseases and risks, including premature death. The disease is caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. Often ranked at the top of the cause of death which continues to intensify and increase in incidence every day.

What are the negative effects of cigarettes? Let’s see.

1. Adverse effects on the health of smokers

It can happen in every system. From head to toe, such as cardiovascular disease, various cancers, emphysema, lung disease, asthma, chronic cough, allergies. Bronchitis, otitis media, cataracts, oral diseases, body odor, bad breath, brown-yellow fingers and nails. Gastrointestinal diseases, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, mood disorders, premature aging, wrinkles on the skin, slow healing of wounds, pale face, infertility, sexual dysfunction.

2. Negative effects on the economy and work

Waste money from cigarettes สมัคร ufabet and medical expenses from more frequent illnesses. Causes absenteeism and lost work time from smoking/illness. Losing the national economy labor force personnel. The government has to spend more than 46,000 million baht per year on health care for smokers.

3. The negative effects on the health of those around you from exposure to secondhand smoke. 

They will be exposed to various toxins in cigarette smoke and have the same chance of developing disease as smokers.

  • in pregnant women whether from first-hand or second-hand cigarette smoke. It will make it difficult to have children. Complications occurred during pregnancy. Premature birth Infants weighing less than 2,500 grams and causing death in children. The nicotine your mother gets from cigarette smoke. Can be released through breast milk. As a result, children expose nicotine.
  • In young children, colds occur more often. Otitis media, asthma attacks, and developmental delays may occur.

4. Health effects from exposure to thirdhand smoke 

It’s a residue from smoke. Heavy metal particles, carcinogens, and radioactive substances stuck to appliances and clothing. This especially dangerous young children.

5. Adverse effects on pets 

Makes life expectancy shorter normal

6. Negative effects on society and the nation 

It is a bad example and is disgusting to society. May cause fire from cigarette butts. However smokers punishe according law. If smoking in a prohibited area