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How to protect yourself from athlete’s foot

How to protect yourself from athlete’s foot Athlete’s foot is a condition in which the skin on the feet is peeling, red, stinging and itchy due to having to walk in water often, causing the skin on the feet to easily become sore. and may

Warnock leaves Aberdeen after just 5 weeks in charge.

Veteran manager Neil Warnock has parted ways with famous Scottish side Aberdeen. After being in charge of the football team for just over a month.     The 75-year-old coach took over the job of managing the Aberdeen team on February 5th. With a short-term contract

Ten Hag reveals reason for ending Reguilon loan.

Manchester United boss Eric Ten Hag has revealed the reason. He decided to end Sergio Reguilon loan deal after receiving confirmation that the team’s left-back would be fully fit.     Reguilon came to play with the “Red Devils” on loan from Spurs. But didn’t get

Asparagus prevents diabetes + cancer

“Asparagus” or “Asparagus” (Asparagus) is a plant native to Europe and Africa. There are both types that are green shoots and white shoots. It is a delicious, crunchy vegetable with a unique aroma. Can be used to cook a variety of dishes which in addition to eating delicious Asparagus

10 ways to exercises for better results

easy way to exercise For better results, try it, you’ll look great. Simple exercises to get slim and fit and get results. What to do? We have the answer by 10 ways to help make your exercise more effective. 1. Lift less but get more An article in the